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Jute Bags
Jute bags are the best choice for carrying heavy and sensitive items. These are biodegradable bags that are believed to be used for an extended time. These are recyclable bags and do not get damaged due to seasonal changes.

Jute Items
Jute items are strong organic items that can be used in our day to day lives. The items ensure waterproof property, and easy breathing capacity of the fibers. These items get decomposed naturally when left unused. 
Military Sand Bag
Military sand bags are highly utilized in the defense sector or during emergency conditions. The bags help in protecting from floods and explosions. The defense sector also utilizes these sand-filled bags as a shielding factor during storms and snows. Defense troops also use these big bags for many other duties. 
Jute Drawstring Bags
Jute is an organic material used for a number of applications. Jute drawstring bags are manufactured by tightly weaving jute fibers, thereby allowing them to stand freely and firmly. Noticeably, they form a rectangular base bottom and are long-lasting. Moreover, these can carry heavy items very conveniently. 
Gunny Sack
Gunny sacks are also known as burlap sacks. These are made with burlaps or jutes. The sacks are highly utilized in the agricultural sector. Since, these are used in the safe and waterproof collection of grains, farmers usually prefer these for safely storing and transporting the grains. The sacks prevent the crops from bacteria or insect attacks.  
Jute Geotextile
Using Jute geotextiles has a range of benefits. These are flexible and good drainage properties. Due to this advantage, these are highly used in road construction. These help in preventing soil erosion by filling the spaces between soil and roads.